"I'm living my dream"

My name is Gabriele Mülhoff, I am an independent business woman and mother of two grown children. With 44 years, I was torn by a heart attack from my everyday life. Out of the blue I realized: "Live here and now." to "search" free from any constraints, something, things took their course itself.

 Childhood memories of holidays in Majorca with the parents were awakened, and I fell in love again with the wonderful island. Whenever I could, I discovered . I quickly realized the island with my bike. I learned to know my physical limits and overcame this with the help of e-bikes. Now I can achieve any goal I would like to share this newfound quality of life with a lot of people.

"A man just in case" (Photo of the technician in his workshop), (still in progress)

Christian, I am a trained bicycle mechanic and workshop manager and her contact for all matters relating to the bicycle repair. Accurate cost estimates and error terms are one of my strengths, ass they will already see during the first contact.
Repair and pickup times I realise as the client wants to.

Minimum effort - Maximum pleasure

Be enchanted by the beauty of the holiday island of Majorca!
The E-bike, for example, gives you the possibility to visit the unique monastery Cura on the Randa - Mountain near Llucmajor, any typical majorcan farmer's market, the idyllic fishing villages, the enchanting ports, the historic old town of Palma and the wonderful view from the Cap Blanc on the nearby island " La Cabrera ".

Enjoy swimming breaks in hidden bays, follow the bike path along old stone walls by almond groves and vast orchards.
E-Bike - a bike with pedal assistance - means that the electric motor assists you when entered into the pedals. This means you are not dependent on the car and can get to know Majorca environmentally from a new perspective.


You will reach easily the destination even with violent winds and elevations. You feel a new sense of fitness and exercise has a positive impact on your hindges. In the fresh air your immune system will be strengthened. The risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease decreases.


The gentle electric motor of an E-Bikes multiplies your own strength. Simply brilliant: Just press a button and off you go to a pleasurable tour of the island. Just order your electric bike at Mallorca - e - bikes or ask your hotel reception to contact us. The engine supports stepping up. 25 km / h. You can use the e-bike as a normal bike, without registration and driving license.

Who does not want to feel the good feeling of security on the e-bike?

Fatigue-free medium distances to travel and explore new ways?
Of course, the products need their proper adjustment. The set angle must match, so a liberty of discomfort is achieved.

1) spine
sit "upright" (max. 80 degrees) is useful only in conjunction with a full-suspension bike, the worst way to sit on a bike is, the rounded back position. Here, the discs are loaded several times, breathing is not free and tense the shoulder / neck area itself.
You are sitting right on a bike without suspension in a position of about 60 to 45 degrees. Shoulders and neck are relaxed, and the body weight is well distributed across all File courses "at the wheel, handlebars, saddle, pedals. This is recommended for damping the hard knocks in the spine a suspension seat post especially for aluminum wheels and / or a front suspension fork.
Seated position ~ 60-45 °

2) Shoulder / neck
An incorrect sitting position is usually the first noticeable symptom. Having tensions, pullings and stingings, and the desire to hang your head preferably on the chest, instead of keeping it just normal to see the street, are some signals.
We can usually help by mounting a different stem, as an adjustable, the seat position aligns floating upward. Whether the link should be changed depends on what you have for your complaints. If the position is displaced more in the vertical position, the buttocks are stressed more and it is necessary to consider whether the existing saddle to withstand the modified pressure, or whether to allow the complaints not move from the shoulders in the buttock, another saddle should be assembled.

3) Hands
If you feel any tingles in your fingers, single fingers fall asleep or are drawn to the wrists, these are bad signs and maybe there’s a trapped nerve.

If the wrist is bent, and the handle bar does not have the right shape and size, this can affect the fun. You can improve these problems by adapting the existing handle bar to the shoulder, if the handle bar form allows it. It permits the most possible grip positions and is definitely recommended for touring cyclists, often on long distance views should change the hand position.
Furthermore, more ergonomically shaped handles are mounted that tell the wrist its correct position on the handlebars.
You should also make sure not to take your grips too long, they often brittle and crack with the time, and then it starts to push or incise. If you want very easily and get rid of the problems, you can install a sprung front gab. It absorbs the shocks that normally absorb your hands and shoulders.

4) The buttocks
This is where most of the people complain. It is often the easiest!
On a new bike which you buy in the store, there is a saddle but not a special one. Bikes for women are often supplied with the same saddles, such as bikes for men, even though it all should be clear that there is a small difference. Women have a wider pelvis and thus must be wider saddle, as the buttocks further apart!
Women find men saddles and men find women saddles uncomfortable. It's logical.
In addition, women and men have their sensibility points on different places. If you have complaints and believe that cycling is therefore not for you, let us convince you.
There are anatomic saddles for women as for men, for each position. The different saddle manufacturers have started to work with different pelvis shapes and this is a good thing. The saddles are filled with different materials and / or have gaps at critical points.
If you try different saddles (which is possible) you will find the right one.
Furthermore, the seat angle is still of major role. We like to try it with you so long, until you are properly seated.
Here's only one thing: always adjust, test drive, adjust, test drive until it feels right.
But patience is always profitable. If you leave our store with a smile on your face we are happy for you.

5) Hip
For the regeneration of the hip, cycling is basically good. If you already have restricted movement in the hip you have to pay attention to a low cross-cab height of the frame. This is technically possible today, as they make new frame materials to create a very low step, yet to build a stable framework. Another variation is a scooter bike. This is a release for your knees. A Scooter Bike ride takes a little practice, because you must become accustomed to deal with a modified steering and a lower seating position, but it offers real comfort for all joints.

6) Knee
Knee problems are usually caused by an incorrectly set of the saddle height. Rule of thumb is: With the ball of the foot on the pedal. Then the knee must not be pushed! It must still have a slight bend. Otherwise, the saddle is set too high and your knee is overextended. If the saddle is too low, the knee is stressed very much.
We often hear the argument that when you are in the correct sitting position you are no longer with the foot on the ground. It depends on the proportions of your individual body shape and frame geometry. The distance from the pedal to the floor and your shoe size is the key. From size 48 you always touch the ground!
You may come down and sit but in a correct position. You better get off the bike at the first traffic light as wasting the joints.
People who have previous knee problems, we could improve of your circuit changes. We can do a lot more. The rule is:
The cartilage regeneration can take place only at a high circulation of the entire knee joint. You should always ride in any case in light transitions, especially when starting. Continue switching happy!
Furthermore, it is now possible to use electric bikes that have a technology for ex. change the motor on the mountain. Thus, they have received the training effect of cycling and may relieve the joints, when things get difficult. There is even the possibility of an actual bike also to add an electric motor.

7. Foot

 Here the toes can fall asleep, you could have pins and needles and it can stab in your foot lonk. Usually the saddle height is not correctly adjusted. The other problem, which we find frequently, is that the foot bundle does not lie in such a way on the pedal, as it is necessary for pain-free driving. Place yourselves on the tips of the toe (naturally not as in the ballet, but like we did it in gym!). Stand now on the foot bundle, which rests upon on the pedal axle. Respect on not operating the pedals with the arch. This is a frequently arising attitude error, whereby the entire seat attitude can be changed to negatives. With malposition of the joints, the attitude of the seating position can vary strongly. (take yourself a lot of time for your seating position). Driving bicycles with small shoes or mellow soles is not a real joy. It comes to drive pain.

8) Glasses
The upper edge of the glasses is crucial to the well-being. If the edge of the glasses cut into the field of view,  the head is automatically tilted too far back and there is a hyperextension neck, which can be painful in the longer distances. You should then either adjust the glasses or your sitting position. Of course we have good glasses for cycling in stock, including models that can be fitted with corrective glasses.

9) Clothing
If you can not breathe well and / or feel that your legs feel cramped, try it once with another pants which is wider. It may sound simple, but it is a used practice. Long skirts and billowing coats pose hazards and are not recommended. Rain and cold are no arguments to stay at home. There is functional clothing as well as shoes that hold moisture and wind very well away.